Terms and Conditions of Service


These terms and conditions are intended to determine the basic matters related to electronic financial transactions between the Company and uses when users use the electronic payment agency service provided by Optatumplatform Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as the “Company”)


The definitions of terms set forth in these terms and conditions are as follows.

  1. The term ‘Electronic Financial Transaction’ means that the Company provides an electronic payment agency service (hereinafter referred to as ‘Electronic Financial Transaction Service’) through an electronic device, and the user does not face-to-face or communicate with the employee of the Company, and is automated. It refers to a transaction that uses it in a way.
  2. The term ‘E-payment Settlement Agency Service’ refers to a service that transmits or receives payment information in the purchase of goods or use of services through an electronic method, or acts as an agent or mediators settlement of the price.
  3. ‘User’ refers to a person who agrees to these terms and conditions and uses the Electronic Financial Transaction Service provided by the Company.
  4. The term ‘Access Medium’ is a means or information used to instruct transactions in Electronic Financial Transactions or to ensure the truth and accuracy of Users and transactions, and electronic cards and equivalent electronic information (including credit card numbers). This refers to a certificate under the ‘Electronic Signature Act’, a user number registered with the Company, a User’s biometric information, and a password required to use the above means or information, etc.
  5. The term ‘Transaction Order’ refers to a user instructing the Company to process Electronic Financial Transaction contract concluded in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  6. ‘Error’ refers to a case in which an Electronic Financial Transaction is not executed in accordance with the Electronic Financial Transaction contract or the user’s transaction instruction without the user’s intention or negligence.


  1. The Company posts these terms and conditions before users use the Electronic Financial Transaction Service and allows users to check the important contents of these terms and conditions.
  2. At the request of the User, the Company delivers a copy of these terms and conditions to the User by the method of transmitting electronic documents.
  3. When the Company changes the terms and conditions, it notifies Users by posting the changed terms and conditions on the initial screen of using the Electronic Financial Transaction Service provided by the Company and on the Company’s homepage 1 month before the effective date. However, when urgently changing the terms and conditions due to an amendment of laws and regulations, the revised terms and conditions will be posted on the Company website for at least 1 month and notified to the User.
  4. When the Company makes a notice or announcement in Provision 3, if the User does not agree to the change in the terms and conditions, the contract may be terminated within 30 days from the date of receiving the notice or announcement. In this case, it will be deemed to have agreed to the change.
  5. If the User does not raise an objection to the change from the date of notice or announcement in Provision 3 to the business day before the effective date of the changed agreement, it is deemed to have agreed to the change of the agreement.


The Electronic Payment Agency Services provided by the Company are as follows.

  • Payment Agency Service: Refers to a service that transmits and receives payment information through the Company’s electronic payment system for the payment method provided by the User for payment of the payment amount, and performs or mediates settlement of the payment amount.


  1. In principle, the Company provides Electronic Financial Transaction Services to Users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, it may be determined differently depending on the circumstances of the financial institution or other payment method issuer.
  2. In the event that service interruption is inevitable due to maintenance or inspection of information and communication facilities or other technical needs or circumstances of financial institutions or other payment method issuers, the Company shall provide service after posting the fact of service interruption through electronic means that can be posted up to 3 days before the service interruption can be suspended. However, if it is unavoidable, such as system failure recovery, urgent program maintenance, or external factors, the service may be suspended without prior notice.


  1. When providing Electronic Financial Transaction Services, the Company may select an Access Medium to check the User’s identity, authority, and transaction instructions.
  2. The User may not lend the Access Medium to a third party, delegate the use, transfer or provide it for security purposes.
  3. Users must not leak, expose, or neglect their Access Medium to a third party, and take sufficient care to prevent theft, forgery, or alteration of Access Medium.
  4. When the Company receives notification of the loss or theft of the Access Medium for the User, the Company is responsible for indemnifying the User for damages caused by the use of the Access Medium by a third party from then on.


  1. The Company allows the User to check the User’s transaction details (including the users’ error correction request facts and processing results) through an electronic method agreed in advance with the User. Within 2 weeks from the date, a written statement regarding the transaction details will be issued by means of copying or other means.
  2. When the Company receives a request for written delivery of the transaction details of the user pursuant to Provision 1, the Company immediately transmits an electronic document to the User (including transmission using e-mail) if the transaction cannot be provided due to operational failure of the electronic device or other reasons, and the period in which the transaction details cannot be provided due to operational failure of electronic devices, etc., is not counted in the period of delivery of the written transaction details in Provision 1.
  3. Among the transactions subject to Provision 1, the target period of 5 years is as follows.
    1. Name or number of the transaction account
    2. Type and amount of transaction
    3. Information indicating the counterparty
    4. Date of transaction
    5. Types of electronic devices and information that can identify electronic devices
    6. Fees received by the Company in exchange for Electronic Financial Transactions
    7. Agendas concerning the User’s consent to withdrawal
    8. Access records of electronic devices related to the relevant Electronic Financial Transaction
    9. Agendas concerning application for Electronic Financial Transaction and change of conditions
    10. Records on Electronic Financial Transactions in which the transaction amount per transaction exceeds KRW 10,000.
  4. Among the transactions subject to Provision 1, the one-year period is as follows
    1. Records on small Electronic Financial Transactions with a transaction amount of KRW 10,000 or less per transaction
    2. Records on transaction approval related to the use of electronic payment means
    3. Agendas concerning the User’s request for correction of errors and processing results.
  5. If the User wishes to request the written issuance specified in Provision 1, the User may request it to the following address.
    • Address : 3-5 floor, 61, Geumjeong-ro, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea (46293)
    • Contact : msupport@optatumpaltform.com


  1. When the User knows that there is an error in using the Electronic Financial Transaction Service, the User can request the Company to correct it.
  2. When the Company receives a request for correction of an error pursuant to the preceding Provision, it will immediately investigate and process the request and notify the user of the result within 2 weeks from the date of receiving the request for correction.


  1. It is liable for damages incurred to Users due to an accident caused by forgery or alteration of the Access Medium. However, despite the fact that the User violates Article 6 Provision 2 or that a third party can conduct Electronic Financial Transactions using the User’s Access Medium without authority, the User leaks or exposes his or her Access Medium. The User can bear all or part of the responsibility that has been neglected or exposed.
  2. The Company is responsible for indemnifying the damages in case of damage to the User due to an accident that occurred in the process of signing a contract or electronically transmitting or processing a transaction instruction. However, in the case of damage to a User falling under the Provision 1 of this Article or a corporation (excluding a small company under Article 2 (2) of the Framework Act on Small and Medium Enterprises), the User may be responsible for all or part of the damage.
  3. The Company is responsible for compensating Users for damages caused by an accident caused by the use of electronic devices for Electronic Financial Transactions or Access Medium obtained by fraudulent or other fraudulent means under Article 2 (1) of the Information and Communication Network Use Promotion and Information Protection Act.


  1. The Company shall act on behalf of the User’s transaction instructions for electronic payment transactions, and shall send the details of transaction instructions for electronic payment transactions so that payment can be made.
  2. The Company shall return the received funds to the User if the payment transaction has not been made in accordance with the User’s instructions for transactions on electronic payment transactions.


  1. In the case of transaction instructions concerning electronic payment transactions, the User may withdraw the transaction instructions until the payment becomes effective.
  2. When the payment in the preceding paragraph becomes effective is when the information on the transaction amount has been entered into the electronic device of the financial institution where the recipient’s account is opened.
  3. If the payment becomes effective, the User may receive the payment in accordance with the withdrawal method of the subscription under the relevant statues, such as the Consumer Protection Act in e-commerce, etc.


  1. The Company generates and preserves records that allow users to track, retrieve, or correct the contents of Electronic Financial Transactions if they fail.
  2. The types of methods of preservation of records to be preserved by the Company pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall be as prescribed in Article 7 (2).


In providing Electronic Financial Transaction Services, the Company shall not provide, reveal, or use any information or data on the personal information, accounts, Access Medium, and Electronic Financial Transactions acquired to third parties without obtaining consent.


  1. The User may request the following dispute handling personnel and site addresses to handle disputes, such as opinions related to the use of Electronic Financial Transaction Services, complaints, and claims for damages.
    • Person in Charge : Mijin Kim
    • Contact : msupport@optatumplatform.com
  2. Where a User files an application for a dispute settlement with the Company, the Company shall inform the User of the results of the investigation or handling thereof within 15 days.
  3. Users can apply to the Financial Dispute Mediation Committee of the Financial Supervisory Service under Article 51 of the Financial Services Commission Act or the Consumer Dispute Mediation Committee of the Korea Consumer Agency under Article 60 of the Framework Act on Consumers.


To ensure the safety and reliability of Electronic Financial Transactions, the Company complies with the standards set by the Financial Services Commission regarding information technology, facilities, electronic devices, etc. for electronic transactions.


  1. Agendas not prescribed in this Agreement shall be governed by the Electronic Financial Transaction Act, the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, the Communications Sales Act, and the Credit Finance Business Act.
  2. The jurisdiction of disputes arising between the Company and the User shall be governed by the Civil Procedure Act.


Article 1 (EFFECTIVE DATE) These terms and conditions shall enter into force on April 01, 2021.